Ships Agency

Our agency services include crew transfers and welfare, owners and charterers agency services, stevedoring, loading and discharge services


Seaway Logistics & Ships Agency

Together with our sister company Seaway Logistics, we offer expert support and assistance to ensure smooth and efficient port operations. With extensive shipping knowledge and experience, we provide cost-effective solutions that minimize risks and save valuable time.

Providing trustworthy and reliable ships agency services can make all the difference in successful shipping operations. That’s why we tailor our services to our customers’ needs.  

Services we offer

Explore all our services with Seaway Logistics: crew changes, transfers, and repatriation; organising pilots, tugs, and mooring personnel; supply of fresh water and high-quality provisions; up-to-date advice on port facilities and local services; arrangement of bunkering services; recording vessel arrival reports with customs; monitoring discharge with ship and terminal with regular updates; vessel clearance documentation.

Working with Seaway Logistics always involves very high performance, with both proactive actions and timely communication...vessel owners feel in good hands and they take time to inform and communicate with other agencies before and afterwards... we can for sure recommend Seaway Logistics agency"

Peter Bytoft

Certified member of UKAS