About Us

We have been operating Shipping services for over 70 years.  Our roots are firmly established in the city of Hull, giving us unrivalled experience.


The founding company that established the Rix Group

Rix Shipping can trace its roots back to 1873 when Robert Rix started his business. In 1893 he ordered a steam ship from Alexander Hall & Co to ship coal up and down the east coast during the first world war.

In 1927 Robert started importing tractor oil, and this was followed by lamp oil after the war. In the 1960’s Rix ships were used to transport limestone and chalk from the Humber to Montrose.  

Our Story

Since the ‘60s Rix Shipping has seen its fleet grow and its services expand.

Now in its 6th Generation, we manage a fleet of vessels and through our sister companies can provide Fuel Bunkering, Ships Agency Services, Crew Transfer Vehicles and Technicians and Inspectors for wind farms.

A family-owned shipping business

As an independently owned business, our shipping team are actively engaged in fostering partnerships with customers to deliver “best in class” shipping services.

We are passionate about providing tailored shipping solutions for our business partners.

Experienced & qualified maritime people

Our shipping team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are well-versed in supplying different types of vessels and are committed to providing exceptional customer service.

Certified member of UKAS