Fuel Bunkering

Managed by our sister companies, Maritime Bunkering Ltd and Rix Petroleum Ltd, we can offer both inland and marine fuel bunkering solutions.

Maritime bunkering:

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to provide you with a fuel bunkering solution to your requirements. Maritime bunkering prides itself on offering competitive prices whilst maintaining the highest level of service and local knowledge within the locations we operate in.

We have three vessels currently in service and can utilise further vessels from our extended fleet serving within JR Rix & Sons group of companies as and when required, ensuring total flexibility in the marine fleet is available at all times.

  • All marine grades are guaranteed to be within ISO 8217 specification
  • Fuel Oil viscosity between 30 – 380 CST, sulphur < 3.5%
  • MGO, sulphur < 0.1%

Rix Petroleum:

Can deliver a minimum of 500 litres, up to full tanker loads, we can supply heating oil, gas oil and diesel as well as a range of fuel storage tanks, lubricants and AdBlue.

To find out more about Rix Petroleum, visit the website www.rix.co.uk or submit an enquiry via the button below.

Rix Petroleum fuel tanker