The Biggest material handler on the east coast of Scotland arrives at Rix Shipping

The biggest material handler on the east coast of Scotland has arrived at our Montrose Port operation. 

We have invested £1m to buy the German-made Liebherr LH110 to make loading and unloading ships on the docks more efficient.

The impressive piece of kit has a reach of 25m and an eight-cubic metre grab, meaning it can move larger volumes of materials than previous equipment operating on the dockside.

Typically, the handler will be used to load and unload cereals and grains, paper and pulp, steel, timber and fertiliser which move through the town’s port.

James Doyle, managing director of Rix Shipping, said the investment was part of an ongoing programme of improvements to the company’s operation which were helping to make Montrose a busier port.

He said: “We’ve been operating in the Port of Montrose for many years and over that time have invested a great deal in our port operation.

“Ports face increasing competition from other forms of transport and other ports around the UK, so it is important we constantly modernise to ensure our operations are capable of meeting the demands of the industry.

“That’s why we’ve invested in this material handler. It means we can load and discharge bigger and deeper ships more efficiently, helping to increase volumes through the port of Montrose and secure our own operation for the future.”

Mr Doyle added that with its impressive height, the Liebherr would soon become a familiar sight on Montrose’s dockside.

“When it is fully operational it is quite an imposing piece of kit,” he said.

“It will help reaffirm the importance of Montrose as a strategic east coast port to shipping companies in Europe and further afield, as they can be confident that the equipment Rix is providing will meet all their requirements.”

LH110 Material Handler at Rix Shipping