Rix Shipping Scotland invests £1.6M in second warehouse facility in Montrose

 We're proud to continue to invest in the Port of Montrose with a new 42,000sqft,  £1.6m new cereals and commodities warehouse.

The 42,000sqft facility is located on Barrack Street and is due to a rising demand for a quality bulk storage from farmers, agricultural cooperatives and commodities companies.

The investment comes hot on the heels of a 30,000sqft warehouse and office development built on Meridian Street, at a cost of £1m, as part of the Montrose’s ongoing renaissance.

Further development is expected to take place soon with plans for a third, 35,000sqft, warehousing facility currently under discussion.

James Doyle, managing director of Rix Shipping, said the investment facilitated greater export trade through the port of Montrose, which would have a positive impact on the local economy.

He said: “Rix Shipping has been operating in Montrose for nearly 70 years and we continue to have a strong presence here, so it is in our interests to invest in the town – the ports in particular – and do our bit to drive prosperity and jobs.

“Montrose remains a strategically positioned port for North Sea oil and gas and exports to, and imports from, Europe. The port also handles most of the pulp coming into Scotland.

“Grain exports to northern Europe pass through the docks in significant volumes and that has given us the opportunity to investment in these new, modern warehouses. They provide farmers, agricultural co-operatives and commodities companies with access to state-of-the-art, TASSC-registered facilities capable of storage tens of thousands of tonnes, while at the same time enabling us to renovate areas of the ports which were becoming dilapidated.”

Rix Shipping (Scotland) Ltd is part of Yorkshire-based company J.R. Rix and Sons Ltd and manages vessels and stevedoring operations in Montrose from its base in Meridian Street.

The company first began operating in the town in the 1950s when it transported lime from quarries in Yorkshire to Montrose for use in Scottish agriculture.

Mr Doyle added that the latest development would be fully operational in September and demand for the facility was already high.

“We’ve been in conversation with some big grain co-operatives which are interested in using the warehouse,” he said.

“Even with the development of this latest building, it appears as though there is still short fall in quality bulk storage on the ports so our plan is to continue to invest.”