Rix Shipping Covid-19 Information

Rix Shipping Covid-19 Update

Rix Shipping recognises that we are operating in an unprecedented situation. In the light of Covid-19 and efforts around the world to control its spread we are writing to you to inform you about the measures that we are putting in place. Our priority is to look after our employees and customers.  The company recognises that it must protect the elderly and most vulnerable members of our community. This communication outlines what we are doing at present to protect such people and how we will operate moving forward.

The senior management team of Rix Shipping has been meeting regularly to discuss the COVID-19 outbreak and the advice given by the government. The team has focussed primarily on protecting the safety of its staff, customers and suppliers whilst at the same time building continuity plans to ensure the continued delivery of our products and services.

Rix Shipping continues to be operational with our office taking the precaution of splitting the operational team, therefore providing a contingency in case of problems in the future allowing us to fully support vessels and their operations for you.

All vessels are fully operational and crews have been briefed to take measures to minimise the risk of catching and spreading the COVID 19 virus. We ask that you assist in this by practising social distancing as far as possible during your interaction with vessels and their crews.

Whilst crew changes and logistics are currently problematic we are continually monitoring this situation and remain committed to supporting the crew on board during this difficult time.

We have put into place a plan to address the impacts of the Covid19 public health crisis focussing on People, Premises, Technology, Customers and Products. To protect our staff and customers we have asked staff:

1.    To limit their contact with Customers, stopping all field-based sales appointments

2.    To implement a new strict hygiene/cleaning regime which focusses on keeping contact points and hands clean which will reduce the risks of infection. All staff have been issued with hand sanitisers and bio wipes.

3.    To monitor and report sick leave and symptoms associated with the Covid-19 virus. And, following the governments guidance, we have reiterated the need for self-isolation

4.    To cancel almost all face-to-face meetings replacing them with video /tele conference sessions.

We ask all suppliers and customers to not visit us at our premises until further notice.

As part of our continuity plan we have implemented new technology which will allow certain members of our staff to work from home. Our contact numbers will remain operational during our normal hours of business. We have the ability to move staff from one part of the business to another meaning that we can continue to deliver fuel to our customers.

As the Government and NHS update their advice we will update our communications accordingly.

We are operating in unprecedented times and we understand how unnerving the situation is that faces us all today and ask for your patience and understanding.